Saturday, February 16, 2019

Bitcoin Mining Growth

Bitcoin like we all know is a cryptocurrency that has gained large recognition all around the world. Despite the fact that bitcoin is going through a down surge since the mid-2018, the acceptance of bitcoin and the emergence of other cryptocurrencies is absolutely amazing.
What is making the awareness of bitcoin to explode may be probably due the process in which bitcoin is being mined.

What is Mining?
Mining of bitcoin is synonymous with the minting and printing of a fiat currencies by central bank of nations. Mining in this context is the process whereby bitcoin is produced. It is a very technical process which is computational in nature. Bitcoin mining involves a mathematical algorithm in which problems are solved and upon completion, a bitcoin is produced. Now the mining of bitcoin can be done by a large network of personal computers all around the world through their mining websites.
In this way any individual who log on to these websites and perhaps conduct some statutory activities is rewarded with bitcoins (satoshi) for allowing his/her computer to join the league of computers that are doing the mining.

Now this is because as soon you log on to these websites your computer starts to mine bitcoin automatically even without you knowing it. This though happen with low mining power. So that it does not affect the operations of your computer.
Some of the mining websites even go as far as adding other activities that the website visitors can perfume so as to earn bitcoin. These range from surfing advertisement, playing games, lottery etc
Even without participating in any activities mentioned above all mining websites offer free satoshis to their websites visitors depending on the website.
There are different t times you can claim your free satoshis
In any case this is really a good way to earn bitcoin free of charge when you visit these websites most of the time.
The following are the mining websites where you can also earn free bitcoins

This mining website  also accepts adverts from advertisers.As a matter of fact they make money from both adverts placement and mining using the website.
This website makes money through advertising other bitcoin related websites and they are also engaged in bitcoin mining at the background.
You can register for free and get started by clicking on the link below:
To watch a video on how to setup the adbtc,top account please click on the link below:

To watch a video on how to set up a bitcoin wallet account  click on this link below:
Watch a Video on How to Set up Bitcoin wallet account:
Click Here to Watch a Video on How to Set Bitcoin Wallet


This is also another platform where cryptocurrency is being mined and as the mining is taking place website visitors are given some share of it.  This Website use the word MOON in place of MINING This platform mined or as they put MOON different types of crypto currencies ranging from bitcoin , Dash coin , Bitcoin cash, Lite coin and Dogecoin
The is a micro Wallet where all the coins are kept
For anyone who want to mined cryptocurrencies through the will have to set up a coinpot account by clicking on the link below: Click Here to set Up account
After setting up the coinpot account, you can now start claiming your free satoshis from the following links: 
 Satoshis are claimed from  what is referred to as the faucets
There are different faucets for the different cryptocurrencies
To start mining from this platform
 Make sure you have  opened a account
Click on the link below to register with
After you have open account with
Now click on the link below to start mining
To mine bitcoin click on the link   Click Here to mine Bitcoin
To mine dogecoin click on the link Click Here to Mine Dogecoin
To mine bitcoin cash  click on the link Click Here to Mine Bitcoin Cash
To mine bitcoin litecoin on the link Click Here to Mine Litecoin
To mine dash coin click on the link  Click Here to Mine Dash Coin

3. The third mining platform is and the
On these platforms you can mine bitcoin and doge coin for free.
These websites just like have various ways of earning bitcoin and dogecoin.
Games lottery, savings and referals. But most importantly things here are that you can earn your free bitcoin hourly. All you should do is to roll the dice and your free bitcoins drops.
To Open An Account With and to start earning bitcoin
To Open An Account With Free Dogecoin 
To Watch a Video On More Information On FreeBitcoin And Free Doge coin
Click on the link below:
FreeDoge Coin Video:
Free Bitcoin Video: